Note duration shortcuts don't work

• Apr 19, 2013 - 13:31
S4 - Minor

MuseScore 725882fcdb Windows 8 - French keyboard

  1. Create new score
  2. select first rest
  3. press N
  4. press 6

Toolbar doesn't change to half note.

Commenting out the "TAB specific shortcuts" from shortcuts.xml makes it work. Actually, even commenting the <code></code> lines makes it work.
Shift + # is not a valid shortcut on a french keyboard since numbers are accessed with Shift already. Shift + 2 is also already used for inserting interval up.


There are also problems with a standard QWERTY US keyboard. See #20834: Number pad no longer works.

The number pad no longer works to select a note duration or to enter a rest with 0. only the top row numbers work which are much harder to use by feel. I should add that I am using the standard QWERTY keyboard used in the US.

Status (old) active needs info

Might be relevant or not but, for the new shortcut system to work, previous customisations to shortcuts have to be removed: otherwise the customized shortcuts take precedence over the built-in ones and 1) the new shortcuts are skipped 2) the old and the new system assume different activation states for several shortcuts. So, a mess is likely to result.

The customized shortcuts are kept in a file:

*) Linux: ~/.local/share/data/museScore/MuseScoreDevelopment/shortcuts.xml
*) Windows: well, can't find it!

Can you remove or rename this file and retry?



P.S.: The "Edit | Preferences... | Shortcuts" has a "Reset to Default" button (actually it has TWO of them: the lower one is the right for this) which should remove the above mentioned file, but apparently it simply crashes the program...

I deleted both directories

so shortcuts.xml should be gone. Still the shortcuts for note duration doesn't work in a normal staff.

On Windows 8. French keyboard
- num pad doesn't work at all
- top row works, without using Shift except for 6 and 8 (dash and underscore) (like in MuseScore 1.3)