Selecting tempo from the tempo palette shows only quarternotes and dotted quarternotes

• May 29, 2017 - 06:22
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1. I'm starting the mscore appimage from the nighlty build on Linux-Fedora 25-x86_84


Creating a new score and adding a tempo from the palette shows only a lot of quarternotes (and dotted quarternotes) for selection. See attachment for details. This is probably a font problem?

2. If Entering notes by the note entry submenu, it's not possible to withdraw the new note entries by the CtrlZ key (after closing the note entry submenu).

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Seems really to be a font/keyboard problem: For example, my keyboard is "German/No deadkeys," but entering some text in mscore enters text so as it would be typed on a US keyboard (y and z are exchanged for example,...). I really don't know what happened. All other apps on my box are working correctly if some text is typed.

The problem with the "only quarternotes" in the tempo palette seems to be solved with MuseScoreNightly-201705291643-master-a32642f-x86_64.AppImage. But if the tempo has been selected by a double click on the tempo palette, the font this tempo entry written to the score is totally weird. See attachment "Screenshot from 2017-05-31 06-58-25.png"

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