Musescore nightly build R.6d6448e bugs

• May 17, 2013 - 14:04
S4 - Minor

Ok... there are quite a few issues with the recent nightly build version R.6d6448e...
I'll just list a few bugs I've found out here..

Chord articulation bugs:
~ Chord articulation settings is not saved when 'OK' is clicked.
~ Staccato is not actually a staccato, as seen in the chord articulation setting. It's just about 2 'lines' less than a normal note.
~ Normal notes have no breaks in between, this setting should be for slurs.

~ Tempo properties value acts randomly when 'determine tempo from text' is checked and the actual set tempo is changed out of sync with the text's tempo.
~ The tempo doesn't actually work in playback. Everything seems so slow even when set tempo is at 180 bpm, 4/4 time. The playback panel says that the tempo is 80 bpm, not 180 for whatever reason. All other set tempos result in 80 bpm still...
~ Reloading another score from version 1.3 stable with a different tempo would play at the set tempo of the score, not at the weird 80 bpm that it always result in.
~ Tempo only functions normally when ctrl+alt+T is used with a preset value... Trying to set that tempo properties of that text again after that would not change the original set tempo.

~ They are too slow and spread out too the whole length of the note...

~ (not so important) The "%" profix only appears in the velocity textbox/accumulator after changing note velocity mode from 'user' to 'offset'
~ Note ontime/offtime offset value does not get saved after entering in the value. The ontime/offtime offset values of a note get reset to 0 upon selecting the note again (after selecting a different note).