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• Jul 9, 2013 - 18:57
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The hard coded Tempo Text BPMs are repetitious and some are inaccurate. Yes, they can be edited by the User, but those are only temporary. When MuseScore is closed (X) and then reopened later, the old hard coded names and BPMs are back.
The repetitious ones are:
Adagio and Maestoso both at 72 BPM
Allegro, Con brio, and Con moto all at 132 BPM
Allegreto, Lively, and With movement all at 120 BPM
Grave, Largo, and Lento all at 48 BPM
Moderato and Moderate both at 112 BPM
Ballad and Slow both at 60 BPM
Inaccuracies: From The Harvard Dictionary of Music, Italian tempo term markings, definitions and BPMs are:
• Larghissimo – very, very slow (19 BPM and under)
• Grave – slow and solemn (20–40 BPM) v. MuseScore - 48 BPM
• Lento – slowly (40–45 BPM) v. MuseScore - 48 BPM
• Largo – broadly (45–50 BPM)
• Larghetto – rather broadly (50–55 BPM)
• Adagio – slow and stately (literally, "at ease") (55–65 BPM) v. MuseScore - 72 BPM
• Adagietto – rather slow (65–69 BPM)
• Andante moderato – a bit slower than andante (69–72 BPM)
• Andante – at a walking pace (73–77 BPM) v. MuseScore - 96 BPM
• Andantino – slightly faster than andante (78–83 BPM)
• Marcia moderato – moderately, in the manner of a march (83–85 BPM)
• Moderato – moderately (86–97 BPM) v. MuseScore - 112 BPM
• Allegretto – moderately fast (98–109 BPM) v. MuseScore - 120 BPM
• Allegro – fast, quickly and bright (109–132 BPM) v. MuseScore - 132 BPM
• Vivace – lively and fast (132–140 BPM) v. MuseScore - 144 BPM
• Vivacissimo – very fast and lively (140–150 BPM)
• Allegrissimo – very fast (150–167 BPM)
• Presto – very fast (168–177 BPM) v. MuseScore - 184 BPM
• Prestissimo – extremely fast (178 BPM and over)
If the Tempo Text must be hard coded, could the terms above (using the midpoint BPM of the range cited) be the choices in the Tempo Text window to give the User a wider selection of tempos? Or at least give the User the option to permanently create/edit and SAVE their own Tempo Text terms and BPMs on their copy of MuseScore, Thank you.


There are no predefined tempo texts anymore. You can create your own by first creating a new palette and populating it with tempo texts(with arbitrary tempi) of your taste.

In searching for how to create a new palette, the Handbook states this will be a new feature for MuseScore 2.0 and currently, "These features are only available for testing in the latest nightly builds." Still true?

Following the instructions for creating a new "workspace" (called mine CUSTOM) by building off the ADVANCED workspace I created a palette with working tempo texts, based on the citation in the thread above. Saved the palette in a new folder to be able to share. The mouse-over shows the indicated BPM for each text. Tried to share it here but the system will not allow uploads with .mpal extension. Glad to share if I figure out how. Also created a fingering palette for valved brass and strings (I'm an elementary school band and orchestra teacher).

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This issue is closed and dead since 8 years!
And I have no idea what Helemeto or Helesissimeto might be, neither is something that MuseScore provides