[Regression] New chord symbols don't get rendered

• Jun 7, 2017 - 11:26
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Graphical (UI)
S3 - Major

En ouvrant à nouveau une partition avec symboles d'accords ils n'apparaissent plus.(MuseScoreNightly-2017-06-06-1719-master-c1e56c1)
La partition s'ouvre correctement dans une nightly de janvier conservée. (Nightly-2017-01-03-1152-master-caff127) mais pas dans celles encore accessibles sur le dépôt. (pas de modification de préférences ou autres)


Google translate:
By opening a chord symbols partition again, they no longer appear (c1e56c1)
The partition opens correctly in a preserved January nightly. (caff127) but not in those still accessible on the repository. (No changes to preferences or others)

It seemed to me that only the chord root is not rendered. Chord extensions (like a 7) were still visible.
Somehow it is fixed now. I just tested with the latest Nightly AppImage builds for 2.2-dev (0a168a7) and master (f6a1d0e).

Title Existing chord symbols don't show, new chord symbols don't get rendered New chord symbols don't get rendered

2.2 never was problematic here.
Existing chord symbols (from 2.x scores) now indeed show and do render as they should, newly entered ones are not getting rendered (i.e. they are not upshifted, # not replaced by sharp, etc.), but apparently taken as plain text

FWIW, there are a number of other chord-symbol related change either pending or not yet even begun while waiting on them to basically work again. Not sure what broke or what the plan is; I kind of assume Werner was making some architectural changes so I have left it alone.