enharmonic switch when suppressing instrument name

• Aug 7, 2013 - 13:59
S4 - Minor

Hi all,
I'm using
Ubuntu 12.04.2
MS 1.3

1. Creating a staff with the "B Galoubet"
2. A Major
3. I write for example a descdending scale, from D to D ( see attached), no accidentals
4. I suppress the staff name in staff properties
5. the G (#) has now become A flat.
6. I tested on other instruments: flute (non transposing) and ocarina in Bflat. Doesn't happen for them. Only for the galoubet; just for info, this B galoubet transpose a half-tone lower (it means actually B natural Galoubet, not B flat). May be the reason?


Good news (or maybe not), the B Gaboulet is no more in the instrument list.

However I can reproduce in the current dev version 7680aeb2b9 with a bit more steps.

  1. Create a score for flute in A major (3 flat)
  2. Right click the staff -> staff properties -> change the transposition to one minor second down and OK
  3. Enter a G(#)
  4. Right click the staff -> staff properties -> add an instrument name --> OK

The G is now a A flat.

I'm sad to read it's not anymore in the instrument list; is it a permanent correction?
I'm just starting an association for editing music for this instrument (that I play), and it was very helpful. Anyway, I guess I can manage manually.
And it's gaLouBet by the way, not gaBouLet ;-)
I left MuseScore for some years, it has improved so great in the meantime! Congrats!