Crash when exporting WAV, Ogg, and FLAC; resultant file is corrupted

• Aug 14, 2013 - 23:48
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I am using MuseScore version 1.3, revision 5702. I am using it on a Mac OS X 10.8.4.

Here is the process I go through, with the same result each time
(with an .mscz file open):
1. Save as...
2. Files of type: --> Wave Audio (results are the same if either Flac Audio or Ogg Vorbis is chosen, as well)
3. Various destinations tried ---> Save
4. MuseScore process for a brief moment, then crashes.
5. "Problem Report for MuseScore" dialog box appears, with the Problem Details listed exactly attached in a text file below.
Problem Details and System Configuration.txt
6. There is a Wave (or Ogg or Flac) file that appears at the destination I had sent it. However, the file is empty, and programs importing it declare that it is corrupted.

Thanks so much for your help! I LOVE MuseScore, and rely on it for my professional work all the time! :)


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That bug only affected Mac 10.4, as far as I know.

Plus, MuseScore 1.3 can only be opened on 10.6, or later.

So are you saying this happens for *any* MSCZ file? Did you try it, for instance, with the demo song? What soundfont are you using? Any special settings in the Synthesizer or Mixer windows you are using? Any special MIDI option set in Preferences?

Hmm... Got to play around a bit more with it today.... It appears to be something going on with the soundfont, me thinks. I'm using the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra soundfont (bundled into one bank, of course). It seems to be choosy with which files it works with.

What has worked so far:
The demo that pops up on opening -- when using a differet sound, say horns
One of the piano only files I've created, using the only piano setting

What hasn't worked so far:
Two of the other piano-only files I've created at the same time as the one that did work, using the only piano setting in SSO.
The Example Reunion score using the piano setting

I've also tried using the piano bank alone (unbundled from the rest), with the same crash.
I've of course tried the Fluid Soundfont and that seems to work just fine....

It also seems an odd matter of timing. The first file I did with SSO, worked. Now nothing seems to be working with that piano sound bank.... Odd.... I've used the same computer, the same system, the same version of MuseScore.....

Oh well! There are always work-arounds! But I thank you for all your efforts! :)

Just adding a few more details, if it helps.

I know the SSO soundfont is in individual files for instruments, so here's the bulk .sf2 file that I'm using, combined with Sf2Patcher:

Details on combining process, if curious:…

I tried both the 2013-08-15-1621-9560130 and 2013-08-15-1021-b07f81a nightly builds, but could not find a way to actually add soundfonts. I found what appears to be the right interface, but there's no way I can see to find/select a file or drag/drop a file. "Add" seems to bring up what looks like a drag/drop interface, but nothing takes when I drag a file over it.

Any file (piano or not) plays back with the soundfont (under stable 1.3), so I could simply run a cable from sound-out to sound-in to record, but it sure would be nice to simply export instead. :)


sjwallin: The "Add" button brings up a dialog that shows you the files in your configured Soundfonts folder (see Edit / Preferences). So just be sure to place your soundfont in that folder and you should be able to load it.

Would be nice to know if there is still a bug here so either it can be fixed or this issue can be closed.

Title MuseScore crashes when exporting as wav, ogg, and flac; resultant soundfile is corrupted Crash when exporting WAV, Ogg, and FLAC; resultant file is corrupted

Hi sjwallin, are you still encountering problems?