Some items cannot be made invisible

• Sep 7, 2013 - 00:10
S4 - Minor

Some items, slurs and ties for instance, cannot be made invisible. By pressing F8 you can control visibility of more or less all elements, including slurs and ties. Changing the visibility of them, however, has no effect.

Crescendo and diminuendo are another example. When flagged invisible they at least turn grey, but they are still visible in a pdf export.

Another related issue: Some items have an invisibility option on the right click menu, but not all. For me it feels a little inconvienient. Either all or none should have that option.

GIT commit: 3543170


Status (old) active patch (ready to commit)

I can't reproduce any problems with visibility of slurs, ties, or hairpins, including on PDF export.

Regarding the presence of Set visible/invisible on right click menu, it is there for dynamics, text lines, and fret diagrams only. And I agree there is no reason for it. So I removed them. I also notice that fretboard diagrams has Color whereas nothing else does. So I removed that too.

Here is a PR implementing these changes:

I think there was a conscious choice to remove them at some point, to keep the context menu from being cluttered with things better done via the Inspector anyhow. But FWIW, even if we did want color and visibility in the context menu for all items, the first step in doing that would be removing them from the element-type-specific portion of the menu for these few elements, so they could be added to the generic portion shared by all element types.