Change to linked part does not mark anything dirty

• Sep 8, 2013 - 20:14
S4 - Minor

GIT commit: a2b136c

Steps to reproduce:

1) open attached score
2) view clarinet part
3) click first notes, hit up arrow

Expected result: asterisk appears denoting "dirty" status - on main tab for sure, maybe also on part and score sub-tabs
Actual result: no asterisk


4) Close score

Expected result: you are prompted to save
Actual result: score is closed with no warning and changes are lost

Workaround: remember to save your changes before closing score whether you see an asterisk or not

BTW, I suppose the last count could qualify this for "critical" status. I have mixed feelings about our use of that, though. I'd call this critical to fix before release, maybe not higher priority right now than any of a number of things with no trivially simple workaround.


Can of worms...

* Currently, saving when the first (main score) tab is selected saves the full score and the parts in the same file. Saving (currently only "saving as") when a part is selected saves only this part, in its own file.
* If the part was marked as dirty, saving while in the part should it prompt "save as" or save the full score + parts? If only the part, the score would stay dirty...

So it's not only a matter of marking the score dirty... it's about finding the right workflow for the features we want and decide what should be marked as dirty then.

1/ ability to save the full score
2/ ability to save (export?) one part as mscz

Any thoughts?

My expectation is that hitting "Save" does the same thing whether I am viewing the score or a part - it saves the score and all parts to the file.

Saving a part to a separate file seems more like an "Export" to me, or perhaps a separate "Save Part As..." menu item.