[Guitar Pro] Tuplet rests incorrectly imported

• Oct 7, 2013 - 17:12
S4 - Minor

1. Download and open this file.
2. Look at bars 78 and 79 of Guitar 1.

Better result (taken from Guitar Pro Lite 6.1.5):

Tuplet rests incorrectly imported (Better result).png

Actual result: The rests appear incorrectly.

Tuplet rests incorrectly imported (Actual result).png

Discussion: The better result is a clue as to how it could be processed.

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (d2adf43) - Mac 10.7.5.


I just see a multi-measure rest here (without the quirky brackets shown in the original image). What bug do you see here?

The MuseScore rest (presented incorrectly) implies the whole bar is based on a sixtuplet.

The Guitar Pro image suggests there is perhaps a sixtuplet based on a quaver and a triplet based on a crotchet.

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Don't look at the "part" for Guitar 1 - look at the Guitar 1 *staff* within the *score*. You will see a strange sextuplet measure rest both for that measure and the one that follows. Attempting to delete it leaves you with an apparently corrupt measure - just a quarter rest.

Now, for all I know, based on the result shown from Guitar Pro Lite, the original input file may well be corrupt itself, but anyhow, it's definitely a reproducible issue.

My point is, there must be *something* weird with the file if both programs are displaying something strange. If it had been a normal empty measure, surely at least one of the programs would have recognized this?

Indeed, Guitar Pro 6 displays the tuplet markings in red, indicating an incorrect number of notes or rests in the bar for the time signature of that bar. The issue here is really that Guitar Pro allows the user to save scores with corrupt bars. Likely whatever we do to fix the measure could be ultimately wrong from the intended meaning anyway I guess.