Formatting text within frames

• Jul 9, 2017 - 22:56

I would like to add some text at the end of a piece of music, but I want it to look as it does in a word document (e.g. six lines of text which looks like a poem). But when I copy and paste into a frame the text ends up being on one continuous line.
Am I doing something wrong? Is there step I am missing? I would really value some advice!


I guess the results could depend on the program you are copying from. , also what OS you are on since different OS's treat newlines differently. Also, be aware that word wrap usually doesn't count as separate lines - you need to actually hit Enter in most text editors in order to get a newline that survives copy and paste.

But I tried copying three lines of text from Google Chrome, which is what I am using to type this response, and it worked fine. As mentioned, posting your score might help, but also say what OS and what program you are trying to copy from.

Here is the text I tried copying, BTW:


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