External text editor

• Sep 12, 2015 - 08:36
Reported version
S5 - Suggestion

Maybe would be useful external text editor for text that would be able to make textfields with its higher possibilities such as word wrapping, text formating checking the syntax and so on. Or maybe coud be taken the Write from the Open Office.


Please appologize me for one more idea:

What about to have possibility to insert allso more objects into the frame. I mean mainly Musescore object. Sometime is a need to make a short instructional or demonstrational stave or maybe a piece of score. This need is mainly if you write a learnbook, or when you want to show (on the bottom of page), how to play some ornaments or else symbols, or when you want to demonstrate some modes of finger practice and other. And it could be useful allso for writing manual for Musescore (I know, it is allready made).

Im affraid, you have sure be angry with me and my ideas.

Maybe the frames (and their rekursive nesting) could be the basic way for organizing all document. If there would be the third type of a fram - appearing periodicaly on its place of all pages (in range of a parent one, if exists), It would be possible to combine them on various ways. You culd define some as header, some as footer, you could split page for a part with score and part with any accompanying text or strofes with lirics or anything else. You could insert one frame into else one and this way you can join different scores into one. I know there is a mark section brake, but this mark is a spetial thing for only one purpose, but the framing has more universal use. It seems to be more conceptual or system-based.

It is nice, but Im not sure it solves the original problem. If you need some piece of formated text in your score, you must take every page into a page of Write to a spetial place write the text. Aswell the music flowing along all pages of document you mast deal in the Write. But for inserting some short examples of music is this great.