Title Frame and !5 staves

• Jul 16, 2017 - 14:16

I've got music with 15 satves and this means the title of the piece ends up on a blsnk page at the beginning of the work.
I can scale the music down to make room for the vertical frame but the frame won't move.
I try to add a frame to the 2nd page but it appears underneath the title frame.
How can i get my title to appear over the music and not on the first blank page ( tried most things) .
Using MAC and Latest download.


@Lindsay Mcgregor...
As Shoichi states, it's best to attach your score (or the first 2 pages).
The vertical frame's height can be adjusted by double clicking the frame and dragging the 'handle'.
Also, besides scaling the music down, you can try decreasing the top/bottom page margins in Layout / Page Settings. This might create enough room to fit all the staves.
(Of course, you can always increase the actual page size.)


You might need to scale the music down more, or reduce the size of the title frame. Or maybe there is a page break on the frame you need to remove. As mentioned, if you attach the score we can help better.

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