barely readable on mobile devices

• Oct 29, 2013 - 09:12
S4 - Minor

Since the new design the website, esp. the tracker , is much harder to read on a mobile device (AKA mobile phone with a 3.x" to 4.x" screen, not an issue on a tablet, not on a 10" one at least, no idea how it looks on a 7" or one of those 'phablets').
There is much more zooming and scolling needed than it was before the design change.


Status (old) active fixed
Status active fixed

Glad to comment that this is fixed now with the new site upgrade.

I do agree that this looks much better now, there is still a fair amount of scrolling needed though, but indeed no zooming. There does seem to be some amount of wasted space that, if further reduced, would probably result in less scrolling.
In my 4.x" phone it should be possible to get more info onto one screen, esp. when using it in landscape.
See this screenshot from the tracker:
Lots of (IMHO wasted) space...
The list could easily get reduced from 4 to 2 lines per item, Type, Author and Comments on one, the Titel in another line

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Use of whitespace to improve readability trumps the need for scrolling which is a very natural thing to do, especially on phones.

That said, we can always decide to show less information on small devices as we use responsive techniques to show/hide content depending on the size of the device. But for that, make a new issue.