Crash when attempting to paste a selection of large notes into a different score

• Nov 21, 2013 - 00:48
S2 - Critical

I have two sections of a piece that I would like to merge, but copying Part 2 at the end of Part 1 gives a crash, with no message at all. I don't know what the problem is, but I have attached the scores to reproduce this bug. (And excuse me for my language.)

Edit: I think it's the note count. The first eight measures pasted without any crashing.

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The score seems to have been with a development build. But specifics steps to reproduce - which specific measures are you trying to copy, and where exactly are you trying to copy them to? - will still be needed.

I was trying to copy only the measures up to the first empty one of "STP2", to after the end of the score named "Sentient Tempest". I deduced that it was the quantity of notes.

But which specific measures, which specific staff or staves? I tried a variety of copies and had no problems with any. You'll have to be more specific. Like, "starting from measure 12 to measure 95, staves 3-9 inclusive, copyong to measure 1 staff 2 of the other score", or whatever.

Which nightly build? Please be more specific. "Help->About->copy revision number" and paste here ...
Or, even simpler, use "Help->Report a bug"

With this morning master, I cannot reproduce with the example score given by the OP (my system: self-compiled under Linux Mint 17).

In particular, following the given steps (i.e. by copying meas 1-72 of "STP2" onto meas. 153 of "Sentient Tempest") does not cause any crash. The result seems correct, but there is too much stuff to check note by note.

Note that the scores are from an older unstable version and do not format properly (mostly because instr. names retain some HTML code and become overlong, leaving too little room for the measures), but copy and paste operations DO work.

As far as I can tell, the issue can be closed.