Downloaded PDF Handbook – formatting issues

• Aug 2, 2017 - 11:25
S4 - Minor

Re: New website

There are still formatting issues with the downloaded pdf manual.

(1) Certain html/CSS tags cause the text within to be squashed against the previous character:


(2) Only same-page links of the following structure


work in the pdf handbook. The other type of link gives a pop-up dialog offering to connect you to the website handbook.

(3) Most if not all links seem to be squashed against the character immediately preceding the link.


(c) Bold text may also be squashed against the previous character:



Not sure how and why this should be related to the new Website, it is the same PDF on the old and the new one I think? And I seem to remember (most of) these to be long standing issues.

There is quite some work still to be done with the handbook html/pdf version. I will come back to this ticket as soon as it's ready for testing.

How is the PDF handbook created?

The website offers a printable friendly version of the handbook for each language. For english, it's here
It also provide a cover page

The following project runs every day on Travis-CI, download handbook and cover page for each language and use to create a PDF. The PDF is then uploaded to the musescore-nightlies share of the OSUOSL FTP.

The TOC for the PDF is generated with this XSL file

I just created this reference page…

@geetar I can't reproduce the link issue you have with the new handbook html output. Which browser/OS are you on?

@Thomas. Mozilla Firefox (54.0.1) on Windows 10. What happens is that the address bar updates correctly when I click on any link, but the browser does not load the new page.

(Win 10/Mozilla Firefox 54.0.1). The link problem is now fixed, both in the downloaded pdf handbook and the on-line html pages (Old and new websites).

We still need to improve some styling for the handbook to improve readability. Once done, we can close this issue.

Type Wording/Translation
Reported version 2.1  
Frequency Few
Regression No
Reproducibility Always
Workaround No

The third problem still exists, it's the most obvious issue in the generated PDF.