Cannot place Repeat Barline in the middle of a measure

• Dec 20, 2013 - 18:08

Hello everyone

In the piece I'm entering I would like to place a barline "repeat" in the middle of a measure. When I drop the barline, it keeps placing it at the end of the measure.

Your help is appreciated.



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What I mean is, I believe it is possible as I tried weeks ago in a test version of the next release (via the nightly builds).

To ensure this is the case, you are welcome to also try it. If if does work, then it should be ready to use for when 2.0 is released (no date yet).

Click on the note. Double-click on the repeat lines in the palette. Works for me (MS V1.2, 5470; ubuntu 12.04). Looks OK but those repeats get ignored in playback.

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Yes, I had this before, but these repeats appear only on the line of the selected note and not for all instruments. This may also be the reason, why they are ignored in playback.

What I meant, are repeats which are carried out in playback, depending on the "Play repeats on/off" button in the toolbar.

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You could add add the repeat to all staves that same way. Or, if for some reason it is important to hear it playback, then you can do it by splitting it into two measures, setting the "actual" time signature (right click empty spot, measure properties) for the measures appropriately. For example, if you want the repeat between beats 3 & 4 in 4/4 time, create two measure, set the first to 3/4 and the second to 1/4, and add the repeat barline between them normally.

I'm using the nightly build from February 8.
I don't see how to add the repeat in the middle of the measure. When I drop it where I want it, it always goes to the end, even if I select a note before dragging the repeat bar.

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Hi Nicolas, I'm not sure I understand the suggestion that I should not use nightly builds except for testing. Do you really suggest that everyone should use version 1.3? I actually can't imagine using 1.3 anymore after using the new version. I stopped using 1.3 because too many things were broken. And there does not seem to be (as far as I can tell) a release date for 2.0.

Another problem seems to be than it does not really make sense to report a but against 1.3 because it is probably either fixed in 2.0 or at lease needs to be reproducible in 2.0.

Does anyone know who many people are using 1.3 and happy with it vs how many people are using the 2.0 prerelease?

Also when will 2.0 be released?


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It's hard to say if you're just being a little facetious, but I'd guess there are tens if not hundreds of thousands happily using an officially released version, and probably about a couple of dozen brave enough to use the experimental development builds - and of them, most use it just for testing. I've used it for a couple of "real" scores, but only scores I don't expect to need to open again in a few months, because I know it's likely they won't work any more. And indeed, it's already the case that some of the first such scores I created no longer open correctly.

I'm not sure what you found "broken" in 1.3 that is fixed in 2.0 - actually, 2.0 is *far* buggier than 1.3. So for any particular bug in 1.3 fixed in 2.0, there is something else that worked in 2.0 but is broken in 2.0, and tons more bugs in new features that didn't exist in 1.3. I don't know how long you tried using 1.3, or how long you've been using nightly builds, but if do for any length of time, you'll eventually come to discover that not only is it buggier (especially with respect to crashes) than the released versions, but also, files created in one nightly build often won't open in a nightly build days or weeks down the road, etc. Those are the reasons people are advised *not* to rely on the nightly builds for any real work.

But it's also true there are some exciting new features coming, so it can be hard to resist the temptation to trying use these releases anyhow. Just realize they are not "supported" in the same sense that 1.3 is. If you have a file from a month ago or whatever that either won't open at all any more or looks very different, there likely won't be anything anyone would be able to do about it unless you can show how to recreate the problem starting from scratch or from a 1.X score. It's just too likely the problem is simply that something changed since the build you created the score with and it's just not going to work any more.

The standard line is that 2.0 will be released "when it's ready". There are still hundreds of bugs to fix.

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