Font appears ragged after decreasing scaling

• Jan 9, 2014 - 09:58

1. 'Create Score'.
2. Add two instruments.
3. 'Finish'.
4. 'Layout'>'Page Settings…'.
5. Decrease scaling to around 0.364.
6. 'OK'.

Result: Font looks ragged.

Font appears ragged after decreasing scaling.png

Using MuseScore 2.0 Nightly Build (30e0623) - Mac 10.7.5.



As a scaling of 0.364 is pretty useless and easy to avoid, and the problem only shows which a large zooming (of 1600%), I'd regard this a very minor problem, if a problem at all...

A scaling of 0.364 is way too small for anything. And zooming to 1600% doesn't make it more useful in any form or shape. Or am I missing something here?

If you have a large orchestra, then it will be required.

I typeset band scores, so something like this could be a problem for me.

I assume this is only a screen issue, not something that would be seen in a print - excdept perhaps through a microscope. In any event, I assume font rendering is done by Qt and hence not a MuseScore issue at all. And just as likely, it's an inherent limitation of the font itself - few if any fonts were designed to be readable that small. That corresponds, after all, to a point size of around 2. I can easily see this onscreen-only glitch depending on specific font, also on the OS.

Also, most scores for many instruments are printed one large paper. A space setting of 0.364mm should never happen. That's *crazy* small. You can fit an entire *orchestra* on a sheet of letter sized paper with a space setting of 1.000mm. I can't imagine any situation that would require a space setting less than half of that!