Crash when opening attached score

• Jan 9, 2014 - 18:32
S2 - Critical

I saved this score file last night and today I can't open it. It would be great to find a workaround ASAP to get this file to open.




Does it open with 30e0623 (2 versions older), the version it got written with?
It does not with d6523e5 (the version in between the current and the one that created the score)on Win7

Thanks for the suggestion, but no, it does not open with that version either. Same crash:

0 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x0000000105bd1e40 Ms::SLine::linePos(int, Ms::System**) + 48
1 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x0000000105bd20f2 Ms::SLine::layout() + 178
2 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x0000000105bc64d1 Ms::Score::doLayout() + 2865
3 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x0000000105ca5661 Ms::Score::update() + 257
4 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x0000000105723467 Ms::ScoreView::setScore(Ms::Score*) + 375
5 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x00000001058e1f31 Ms::ScoreTab::setCurrent(int) + 417
6 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x00000001058e2efc Ms::ScoreTab::setCurrentIndex(int) + 44
7 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x00000001059bdc58 Ms::MuseScore::openScore(QString const&) + 56
8 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x00000001059bc804 Ms::MuseScore::loadFiles() + 2292
9 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x0000000105814da0 main + 26512
10 org.musescore.MuseScore 0x00000001056fe644 start + 52

I'm away from my computer right now, but I see a few things that give me an idea. First, the fact that the log shows the crash in "SLine", second the fact that the mscx files shows a textline right at the beginning of the score (in measure 1), and third the fact that there is this issue: #23319: Saving a score with text line and re-opening causes crash . This makes me suggest removing the textline definition fron the mscx file - just use a text editor and search for "textline", deleting everything the last two occurences (the first is just the style declaration).

Indeed. I've been saving as XML just for this reason - the ability to patch files if they get corrupted. I'm also storing revisions in GIT in case I need to roll back.

For all it's Beta, I'm finding MuseScore much more enjoyable / productive than Finale or Logic Pro.

Keep up the good work!