still puzzled about the way instruments work (rel. 0.9.5)

• Aug 17, 2009 - 20:48
S4 - Minor

Finally some nice features in this release. Keep up the good work!

I'm still puzzled about the correct way to handle instrument settings. I alse detect some strange things (see attached file):

1) first, look at the instrument names in Create -> Instruments. I created those using a "tuned" version of instruments.xml in release 0.9.4.
2) then look at the short and long names i used in the part. Can be edited by right-clicking a bar and choose "Edit system properties...".
3) finally look at the instruments in the mixer-panel. Those are the instrument names, not the long/short names. And where do the extra instruments come from??? How can i delete (or show??) them ??

There is also an Edit button in the Create/Instruments panel. What is the purpose of this function?

I hope someone can give me guidelines on this issue.

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The Edit button in the Create > Instruments panel is not implemented yet.

The extra line in the mixer panel for "Bb trompete-mute" allows you to adjust the volume for muted trumpet separately from regular trumpet.

If you have questions about various features in MuseScore the best place to ask them is the forums. The issue tracker is for bug reports (take a look at some of the other bug reports in the issue tracker to get an idea of what they are).