Trying to make the score as small as possible with the largest ammount of parts possible... help?

• Aug 10, 2017 - 18:54

Hey there.
I am orchestrating a piece of music. I am trying to make it so that the score is as condensed as possible (having 2 flutes in a single staff, 2 clarinets on a single staff, etc) but with the adequate number of parts (one part for each player, despite them being on the same staff on the score). Is this possible? I've tried fiddling around with the parts and nothing seems to work so far.


When putting two parts on the same staff, it is often necessary to use voices because the rhythms are different. When the rhythms are identical, chords are sufficient for the conductor (and musicians) to know who is playing what part, unless the instruments music crosses one another such as when the first flute is playing several C's and B's while the 2nd flute plays an F below the 1st flute followed by an E above the 1st flute. It is best to use voices in scenarios like that.

It is not possible in MuseScore 2.1 to have two parts be extracted from the same staff/instrument in the score.

There is stuff going on in MuseScore 3 which will perhpas make this possible. I seem to remember.

But it is possible to make a separate condensed score from the main score by adding more staffs and using implode and manual editing to to prepare the combined staffs. and then adding a part wich uses all these combined staffs.

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