Linux and Akai LPK25

• Jan 28, 2014 - 23:43

I'm fairly new to Muse so a novice error is a possibility.

I am using Fedora Jam (64 bit) and it is latest version.
Have un-installed and reinstalled Muse. Now on version version 2.1.2.

Jack is installed and functioning when I sue Hydrogen drum program.

I have followed the tutorial and managed to get sound out of Muse using the Vam soft synth using the mouse pointer on the keys.

I can not see anywhere where I can select the Akai LPK25.

With RoseGarden I can see the input meter moving as I tap the keyboard and and dots appear on the screen.
No sound comes out.
So I *think* that Linux has detected the keyboard and installed some drivers.

So I have sound generally, and something detect the keyboard.
Any suggestions?

Seen mention of portaudio and portmidi somewhere. These are installed.

Thanks in advance for any pointers, even if it is to the howto page I havn'e spotted yet.

EDIT: To my total embarrassment, I have posted this query on the wrong forum.
This was meant to be about muse (the sequencer) and not Musescore - the excellent music notation program.

BTW the Akai LPK25 works great with this program. Kudos


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