Local Time Signatures

• Aug 24, 2017 - 23:17

I am composing in 6/8 time, but I want one staff to be in 2/4 for a few bars. Following the Handbook directions, I press control (windows) and drag the 2/4 time signature to the measure of the staff I want to change. Despite the fact that there is no music written in the staff, I get an error message saying "Cannot change local time signature. Measure is not empty". Can anyone help me with this?


If you moved the time-signature by pressing the "Ctrl" key, you should not have any problems.

Select those measures, then delete them by pressing the "Del/Delete" key.
Then try adding the time-signature, again.
While adding a local time-signature; Only that measure is dark; (Not the top and bottom ones) pay attention to that.

If you add the problematic file, the problem is solved more easily.

When adding a local time signature, if a measure affected by it has ever been changed, including using undo afterwards, you cannot enter a local time signature in it. You will need to delete the affected measure(s) using ctrl-delete. WARNING this will delete all staves in that measure, so you will want to do something to make it easier to reenter any notes in them. Perhaps you can copy them to another score for the time being. After you delete the measures you can insert new measures and will have no problem with the local time signature.

You can work around this problem. Reenter the 6/8 time signature as a local time signature into that measure, change the displayed time signatures and use duplets for each measure. You will want to hide the tuplet brackets and numbers.

FYI, I'm working on a local time signature tutorial, but the new site has some bugs that are preventing me from uploading it. Hopefully it will be up before long.

Workaround: select the measure you want to place the local time signature in and cut it (ctrl + x), then drop the time signature it's ALREADY IN onto the measure you just cut. Insert one measure before that one and add in your local time signature. Now you can paste your cut staves onto the new measures which include your local time signature and delete the empty measures with the reiterated time signature!
EDIT: better .gif file for demo.

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I have done everything in this thread and still cannot successfully implement a local time signature. Overall, the piece changes from 2/4 to 6/8, but I would like for the strings to remain in 2/4. What is going on? I've deleted the measure to make sure I'm not trying to put the local signature in any edited measure but I get the error message every single time.

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