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• Mar 15, 2014 - 23:04

Jazzy 0.1 test1 SMuFL 0.85 - VERY first nad VERY experimental version of my font:

- segno
- clefs: treble, alto, bass
- numbers: 0-9

test2 - in progress (next week):
- basic noteheads - whole, half, quarter
- basic accidentals - sharp, flat, natural
- basic flags up&down - 8th, 16th, 32nd
- dot
- percussion clef

- double sharp and double flat
- alla breve and common time
- normal fermats up&down
- tab clef


Gonville - maybe today, maybe tomorrow - I must update to SMuFL 0.85... :/ : / :| :P

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Ok. Thanks for info. One month... It should be enough for basic glyphs:

  • basic noteheads - 3 glyphs - whole, half, quarter
  • basic accidentals - 5 glyphs - sharp, flat, natural, double sharp, double flat
  • basic flags - 6 glyphs - 8th, 16th, 32nd
  • basic rests - 8 glyphs - whole 2x, half 2x, quarter, 8th, 16th, 32nd
  • dot - 1 glyph
  • percussion clef - 1 glyph
  • alla breve and common time - 2 glyphs
  • normal fermats - 2 glyphs
  • tab clef - 1... or 2 glyph(s)...
  • basic coda - 1 glyph
  • notes for tempos - 3 glyphs...

I'm a font designer for LilyPond and I just thought I'd see if I can be of any help here. Are all music fonts moving to SMuFL?

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All music fonts supported by MuseScore have already been migrated to SMuFL (or in the cvase of Bravura, were SMuFL compatible from the beginning). Any fonts that anyone might proposing adding support for in the future will also need to SMuFL-compatible.

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@tisimst: You could transform original OTF Emmentaler font to SMuFL templates - as Bravura and Gootville. It would be great when LilPond will support Emmentaler font in SMuFL format - no problems for developers - only copy&paste fonts to repository.

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It's an interesting thought, but I don't see Emmentaler going the SMuFL way any time soon. I think they are quite comfortable with the way they are created, especially since there are eight optical variants involved. I don't see any reason to do it myself, especially since it's already *THE* Musescore music font. I trust you knew that...

As for Lilypond supporting SMuFL, as a standard, some effort has gone into that, but there's still some work to be done there to cover the same glyph set as Emmentaler.

Personally, I found it better to make fonts that follow Emmentaler's standard and metrics so they are 100% LilyPond-compatible. I am in the process of making my fonts SMuFL-compliant so they can be enjoyed by a wider audience. I've developed some very handy scripts for automating the most time consuming parts of the conversion process. None of them will be NEARLY as extensive as Bravura (and I don't expect any other to ever come close either), but there will definitely be more than enough glyphs to meet most users' needs.

Can MuseScore use music fonts at run-time or do they need to be compiled with source?

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BTW, one perhaps non-obvious thing about how MuseScore uses SMuFL - we take advantage of the "cutout" metrics for the accidentals, although we don't for any other glyphs. Even for accidentals, they are optional - without them, we simply won't be able to stack accidentals as tightly in chords.

Jazzy font updated to SMuFL 1.12 and Bravura 1.12 templates:

- updated to SMuFL 1.12 and Bravura 1.12 templates
- redesigned clefs - a few small fixes
- added tab clef from old and first version of my Gonville edition
- added coda glyph
- added a few dots
- rest of glyphs are from Gootville font

This font doesn't contain JazzyText.otf - this font will be added at end, when Jazzy.otf will be ready to use.



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You can create PR - if You want, of course. I didn't create PR because I don't know - add or do not add? You know - MuseScore 2.0 is coming and this font is still in development. Good idea is add "experimental" label (at this moment; until to release version with all necessary glyphs).

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"How do you test it?":

  1. Download repo and unpack on your computer.
  2. Download Jazzy font and unpack to "fonts" folder in your downloaded repo.
  3. Find all names "Gootville" in repo files and rename into "Jazzy".
  4. Compile MuseScore.

I think that it should work :D
I always test my fonts in Finale. I've never compiled MuseScore with my fonts :D. It takes too long for me :D If in Finale is displaying correctly... in MuseScore should be similarly :P And it's always like this.

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