After a few copy-paste of slurs from one measure, suddenly a new slur is created from the beginning to the end of the score

• Sep 14, 2017 - 12:34
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S3 - Major

2.1 version / Windows7

1) « Untitled » score
2) First measure : enter two half notes with a slur
3) Create parts → new all → Ok
4) Main score: Copy the first measure
5) Paste in Part first measure
6) From part now, copy first measure
7) Paste in main score first measure

And so on (from step#4), 6 times

Without particular reason, the seventh time, after you copy and toggle in the main score for pasting, you observe that another slur appears and extends from the beginning to the end of the score (image below)

At first glance, it seems harmless since after Save/Close/Reload, this slur is not shown. But after repeat 3 times, now (instead of 6) the same steps again the slur reappears.
And of course, the score size is growing and leads to bad things...

For this reason, I choose "major" for status (ie between harmless apparently and potentially dangerous, in any case, unexpected)


This may indeed nail down the several issues we had with lots and lots of (truly) invisible slurs blowing up the filesize and slowing down MuseScore?

And when I write that a new slur is created, this is obviously the very first result. By continuing eg two copies, you get a bunch of slurs, from the beginning to the end of the score, impossible to count (except of course by going to see in a text editor)

And as said, all these slurs "lines" are no longer visible (quite impressive!) after save/close/reload

  • Eg, a result in a part:


After save/close/reload
save piano.jpg

And for the sound loop, it is not so difficult to reproduce. Eg this file: two notes.mscz
Click on the A, the problem appears. And by clicking again on the score (one time or two), the problem becomes much more serious ...
So, I guess a bunch of slurs attached to this particular note is at the origin of this behavior.

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I observe a change in August 2014 (just before the Beta1) with slightly different and reduced steps:
1) New score
2) First measure : enter two half notes with a slur
3) Create parts → new all → Ok
4) Copy first measure main score -> Paste in part first measure
5) Return in main score, and repeat the same previous copy-paste three other times
(so a total of four copy-paste from the main score to the part)

With this nightly, on August 22, 2014 ( 3d172d7) and some previous ones in August 2014, the slur is erased in the main score after its first copy in the part. So:
main 22.jpg

With the next one (f2ea47b), we can observe the current behavior, ie a new slur along the score (but we must make 5 copies instead of 4 actually with the 2.1, don’t know why)
main bis 22.jpg

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