notes displayed differently than played

• Apr 28, 2014 - 20:19
S4 - Minor

In measures 127 and 128 the English Horn part contains several notes which are written with LOTS of ledger lines above the staff. However, when I play these notes they are played 1 octave below, which is correct. In fact, if I enable Concert Pitch I see the notes displayed correctly.

I think lots of work is happening at the moment with transposing instruments (English horn is tuned in F). I'll try this in a newer version.

I'm currently using 25bc366

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At least as relevant than the question of what build you use to open the score is the question of what build was used to create and save it. The file still opens incorrectly in more recent builds, but given that it was created in a suspect older build, that may well be par for the course. Can you recreate this passage and the problem from scratch?

See above. It's possible there is no bug in the recent version and that the bug is in the version you created or last saved the score with. Or might not even be a "bug" per se, but just an expected result of a format change made since the score was created (how tpc's are stored). It will be difficult to tell without an example created from scratch.

Examining the MSCX file within the MSCZ archive, I see some of the Enligh horn notes have both a tpc tag and a tpc2 tag, while others have only the tpc tag. I'm betting this means some of the notes were added in one build, others added in another. That's probably the problem right there. But I don't know enough about the tpc changes to say for sure. Maybe the tpc2 tag is supposed to only be needed in certain cases.

EDIT: a little further investigation shows that one of those two tags probably has the wrong value for the notes in question. For an "F" transposing value, tpc2 should probably always be only one away from tpc, since the values are assigned in circle of fifths order. I still don't know enough about it to say which number should be which. But I see a lot of notes in the English Horn part where the values differ by three, which may be what is causing even current builds to get confused.

So I'd say the score is just corrupt, presumably on account of a bug in one of the older builds used to create it, or from something to do with importing a score created in one build into another later build previously.

It seems an easy workaround is to simply delete the notes with CMD-x and paste them back into place with CMD-v. they go back into place displayed correctly.

This issue is marked as "needs info". Are you waiting for some information from me? I'm happy that I have a work-around, cut/paste. If you are satisfied that there is no real bug, then it's ok with me if you close the issue.

Status (old) needs info fixed

So if you can't reproduce the issue from scratch anymore, than yes, this issue is fixed.
Reopen if you can reproduce.

Status (old) fixed needs info

For the record, though, the info that I considered still necessary in order to ascertain if the issue still exists is info about how you got yourself into that situation. As I said, it seems apparent the file is corrupt (although even that I am not 100% sure of). The main thing we still don't know is whether the current builds are capable of generating that same corruption.

If I had to guess, I would say that maybe you copy and pasted notes from another part with different transposition into the English horn part, and that somehow the tpc info did not get handled correctly. While you have worked around the problem to your satisfaction, I'm not conpletely confident the current build is immune to problems like this. In my attempt to reproduce it, I discovered that copy & paste *does* have a flaw whete tpc's get confused and notes are displayed incorrectly. The symptoms are not identical to what you are seeing, so I can't say if it's the same bug triggered differently or what, but I would not close the case on this one yet.

So I am changing the status back to "needs info". That doesn't mean it is your job to try to remember how to reproduce this from scratch, but I'd rather leave this open for others to look at and have access to your file to see if they can make guesses as I did and test for themselves. Then if anyone else manages to reproduce the problem from scratch, they could provide the missing info. Or the issue could just languish in this state - that doesn't really hurt anything.