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• Oct 5, 2017 - 15:18

Hi everyone,
Obviously I was working on a score when I noticed that there was an issue with the location of tremolos with eighth notes. The little strikes are much too close to the head of the notes. Usually they are at the opposite, near the beam.
May be I am wrong. What do you think about that?
Have a nice day.

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You can select several tremolos at the same time and use the inspector to move them. This works ok as long as there are no beams and the stems point the same way and are the same *length.

  • The length of the stem will shorten if the note is above the middle line (B on a treble clef) and its direction is changed such as when multiple voices are used.

As you can see, it's not perfect, but it CAN be used to move several tremolos at a time.

Hi folks. I believe the options for auto placement of tremolo marks on beamed notes (as in PoorFrog's example) still need work. The current "Placement" options in the Inspector are "Default" or "Stem center", neither of which look good for beamed notes. Please tell me if there is some way that I'm not seeing to get tremelo marks to auto place near the beam for beamed notes (I really don't want to move hundreds of tremelo marks manually). It would be great if there were a "Placement" option something like "Near Beam" (applicable to the whole score if desired). Perhaps create two separate styles for tremelo - one for unbeamed and one for beamed? Whatever can be done would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hi Marc. I just installed rc 3.5 and opened the file I was working on. There is a an improvement in the auto placement in a couple cases. But, the trem marks are still not placing near the beams and I can't find a way to do that without hand adjusting. Also in Format - Style, I don't see an option to affect Tremelo style. The improvement is good, but do let me know if there is something else I could try that I'm just not finding. Thanks.

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There are not style options but properties in the Inspector. But nothing to move it all the way to the beam, just a switch between default and stem center. The default position should already be close to the beam in most cases, but not in the cases where stems are greatly extended due to large leaps = is that what you are referring to?

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Yes, you understand exactly. It's a bit better now with the latest tweak in 3.5, but I'd be able to match printed sources better (and the music would be a bit easier to read for us string players) if eventually a option was added to auto position the trem marks next to the beams. Thanks for passing that along.

Reading about this - the logic behind repetition tremolos is that they are a representation of beams. So it makes sense that they have similar characteristics (the stroke width, the distance between strokes, the distance to the beams being similar to the distance between beams, etc.)

gould about trems.jpg

Gould (p.223) shows tremolo strokes placed close to the beams and never to the notes (MuseScore's default), and it even mentions the style in which tremolos are angled parallel to beams, which is found in several scores from literature and seems to be Lilypond's default:

beams lili.jpg

(Maybe this "parallel" to beams option would also be a nice addition)

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Thanks for the feedback! This is indeed an issue and I and other developers (Marc for example) are trying to get an idea of how to resolve this.

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