Crash when trying to add a tie to a note followed by a break in next bar (multiple voices)

• May 21, 2014 - 22:11
S2 - Critical

Steps to reproduce:

1. select the last note in Bar 1 (upper voice)
2. press "+" to add a tie

This will crash MuseScore 2.0 (git rev. 085492df900917117088aa1fd4ec8ccafdbb3876) reproducibly. File was result of a Midi import.

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Hi werner, you are right, when deleting the part *and* reopening the score it works.

Anyway the application should not produce this internal data issue and crash. It is not even sufficient to delete the part - had to re-open the score - obviously to clean up the internal data structure:

Re-test I:
1. delete linked part
2. save score
3. perform steps as described => CRASH

Re-Test II:
1. delete linked part
2. save score
3. close score
4. open score
5. perform steps: WORKS!

Yes, obviously, there is a bug - or was once a bug, anyhow - in that corrupt scores shouldn't be created. But in order to fix that bug, we'd need steps to reproduce the corruption - starting from a *good* score, showing how it it can become corrupt.

Since you say the file came from MIDI import, perhaps it's as simple as supplying the MIDI file and describing the steps you took from there? See if you can reproduce the problem that way.