Embedded markup in instrument long and short name after importing MuseScore 1.3 mscx file

• May 29, 2014 - 11:34
S4 - Minor

After importing a MuseScore 1.3 .mscx file (current trunk, OS X), the instrument long and short name contain embedded markup tags (typically "font name" or "font size"). I believe this is incorrect as it leads to several issues:

1) The staff names ignore changes in the text style "instrument name long" (and "short"). In fact, the staff name style cannot be changed at all in the GUI.

2) The MusicXML file produced also contains the markup, which will be displayed as HTML in another application after import.

As the GUI does not allow editing a staff name style (it always applies the same style to all staff names), I assume the staff name (which is typically copied from the instrument name) and instrument name are meant to be plain, unstyled text.

The issue is caused in Part::read114, when a Text is used to read the (html formatted) instrument name and the generated text with markup is used as instrument name without filtering.

File produced by reading mtest/libmscore/compat/chord_symbol.mscx is attached.

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chord_symbol_with_bug.mscz 1.97 KB


My inclination is to agree that #30061: Wrap-around features in Text Line properties in 1.3 score is "by design" as that is a decent way of preserving user formatting while still making it possible to override it. However, I think instrument names are different. There really wasn't any way to impart special formatting on those in 1.3 - you were at the mercy of what MuseScore applied for you, which could often be not what you probably wanted (eg, if you rescaled the score). I think the smart thing to do is strip off all formatting for instrument names specifically. Handling of other text types is probably fine as is.