Clef to Barline > Measure: General Style Setting Not Working as It "Should"

• Oct 14, 2017 - 16:53
Reported version
S4 - Minor

Conversation with Marc Sabatella concerning "proper" functionality of 'clef to barline' setting (among other things):

So, in music when a clef change begins a measure and when a courtesy clef is placed at the end of a system (when a clef change begins a system), the clef is placed before the barline. In [General Style > Measures] there is a setting called 'clef to barline' which "seems" to be able to adjust space for this particular occurrence in music. However, instead of adding space between the clef and barline, space is added between the last note and the clef. It seems the code was written to affect the space before the clef instead of after it (clef to barline) as the name of the setting implies.


I definitely agree things are not quite right now. I am just not sure exactly what "right" is :-). I'd like to guess the behavior in current master is what makes sense to implement for 2.x as well - this setting controls space after clef and before barline, both for clefs before start repeats and clefs before other types of barlines. Ultimately maybe these should be separate settings, or some other special setting to control margin before start repeat (for key or time sig as well potentially), but that might be for 3.0 ony unless we're ok with adding new style settings in 2.x

The clef to barline is clearly affecting the space of courtesy clefs only, and increases the space from the last element. There is also the clef left margin which affects the space from the beginning of a system to the clef.

It seems the clef to barline space is being applied to the wrong side of the clef or needs to be renamed to indicate what is actually happens. Further testing indicates the clef to barline setting is the same affect as changing the leading space in the inspector. Changing the trailing space in the inspector for the courtesy clef does nothing.