How to stop rests from appearing automatically

• Nov 10, 2017 - 20:13

I'm entering 4 parts on a grand staff, and it keeps adding rests behind the notes. They are not necessary rests, but I don't know how to make it stop happening. I attached a screenshot. Please help. Thanks!

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I would be consistent with my use of voices. Either don't use them unless needed like in measure 12, or always use them. like you did in measures 10-11, but you didn't use them in measure 13ff. As Jeetee said, you are misunderstanding the meaning of voices in music notation software. If you are getting measures of unwanted rests, you are doing it wrong.

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Hard to tell from just a picture - posting the actual score is better. But the way to not have rests in voices other than voice 1 is to not enter notes in voices other than voice 1. Not sure what you did to cause those rests to appear, but it seems likely that you started entering notes into voice 2 then changed your mind and removed the notes but didn't also remove the rests. Either that or you entered your notes into voice 2 and left voice 1 empty, which does indeed require rests since voice 1 by definition needs to be full. Again, hard to say what happened unless you post the score and tell us more precisely (step by step) what you did to make the rests appear.

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I totally agree with Marc. The problem - in my personal opinion- is not Musescore, but in the "musical way" notes should to be entered in presence of 4 voices on a piano staff. This is a problem of the composer- arranger.. And this score, as I intended, with words is arranged for 4 mixed voices (Solo / or Chor) and, according Bach example I just posted, 2 voices for each staff. And this helps much for further editing, adding passing tones, rhythmic changes and avoiding parallel fifths :-;
Again sorry for my English.. :-)

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You may call it a design decision but in western music every 4/4 measure has enough notes and rests to equal 4 1/4 notes, every 6/8 measure has enough notes and rests to equal 6 1/8 notes and so on. Any defective measures, such as a pickup measure or one with a repeat bar in the middle of it which is common in choral music, are obvious because they do not have the proper number of beats and follow western music standards. In MuseScore you have to take a definite action to make these exceptions happen. MuseScore does give you the flexibility to change the results, but it's still based upon the rule that a measure with a given time signature always has a certain number of beats.

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"Just about everyone", meaning MuseScore, Finale, Sibelius, etc. There might indeed be a couple of outliers who have chosen to do things differently, sure, just as there are houses with round windows out there, but the point is, it is a very logical design choice made by the biggest names in the industry as well. And deviating from established norms makes sharing files via MusicXML that much harder.

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Perhaps not, I haven't seen how it deals with this and how solves the MusicXML import/export problem - feel free to point me to some documentation. But anyhow, but it's brand new, and there are decades of history here with other programs I am talking about. As I said, it's possible to choose a different design, but it's hardly a strange arbitrary thing MuseScore is doing here, and certainly not worth completely redesigning the entire program over, so it's kind of moot.

It also looks like you're using voices 3 & 4 on the bottom staff; while the term 'voices' in MuseScore might be leading you to think that was 'correct' it isn't. Voices in musescore has no relation with the human singing voice, but it is a term used to indicate a rhythmically independent line of music on a staff.
You get four of them on each staff, and you should normally always start with voice1 on each staff.

Thanks to everyone. I didn't realize I always needed to have a voice 1 in each staff. That is part of my problem, I'm sure, because I have been starting the bottom staff with 3. I use voices, because I have found it easier to enter them that way rather than by using chords. I have tried both ways.

This is super frustrating. MS keeps inserting rests in between notes that I cannot delete.

If I have a dotted note and for whatever reason the dot is removed MS inserts a rest between the notes and even if I add the dot back the rest is still there and it cannot be deleted.

The only solution seems to be to delete the complete measure and rewrite it again.

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It sounds like you are in insert mode. MuseScore does not insert anything automatically. What happens is that the measure rest you start with gets broken into smaller rests as you enter notes. If you delete a note, a rest is left where there was a note so the measure still has the proper number of beats. If you are using insert mode, then you are inserting notes. Insert mode does not allow you to insert extra rests into the measure, but if you insert then delete a note, the rest is left in it's place.

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It's normal that if you shorten a note - eg, by removing a dot - that MuseScore doesn't move any other notes. So if you originally entered a note on beat 3, shortening a note on beat one won't accidentally move the note you originally entered on beat 3. If you want to move it, or any other notes, simply do so - using cut and paste. So you are in complete control over how many notes get moved, if any. No need to delete or rewrite!

If you continue to have trouble, please attach your score and descirbe in more detail exactly what you are are trying to do and we can show you how.

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You wrote:
...the rests keep blocking my notes and removing the dots as well as changing crotchets to quavers.

To get the most out of this forum, it's best to attach a score and explain which note(s) in which measure(s) get blocked by rests, what steps you are performing when this happens, and what you expect to happen. Also, which crotchets are you changing to quavers?
By attaching the score, someone here can see precisely what the issue is and provide the best solution.
To attach a file to a forum post:

Welcome aboard!

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Sounds like you are having some sort of problem understanding how to enter notes. Normally it's a simple matter of just entering the notes you want left to right. I recommend starting with this tutorial:

Then if you still have trouble, as mentioned, attach your score and describe what you are doing in more detail, then we can understand and assist better.

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