Simple VERY Noobie question: What is a SYSTEM?

• Nov 12, 2017 - 11:47

I've searched the manual and Google'd this and nowhere do I find a definition. It must be a very basic Musical Structure, but I would appreciate someone explaining what it actually is?


A musical line with more than one staves (instruments). (Played simultaneously)

violin : ----- = stave

|flute --
|viola -- = System (staves together)
|bass --

Some terms that can help to understand: staves per system, systems per page.

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The reason I mentioned it is to avoid confusion. If the user decides to use the General styles to space his score he needs to know what will happen if he changes system or staff spacing.

As a related aside. Max and Min System Spacing are very good for making a solo score look nice. This isn't true of scores such as for an orchestra where instruments are used on only some pages. There is no Min and Max staff spacing to make each page with a single system to fill the page :(

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Indeed. It's been discussed and is a good idea in principle, but the complication is figuring out what to do in cases where there is room to play with both staff and system distance on the same page - how should MuseScore decide which to prioritize when filling? It's not an unsolvable problem, just one that hasn't received enough attention for a solution to present itself.

Nov 12, 2017 - 21:26

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Okay, that's where I draw the line! I ain't ever telling that one singer, "So...sing that chord in measure 2, if you would." I am NOT going to be looked at like I'm some lost soul who wandered into the practice, saw that they (well, he or she, since there's only one!) needed a director and grabbed the baton! I can't, I won't...don't make me!

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