Changing instrument order causes crash

• Sep 7, 2009 - 04:38
Graphical (UI)
S2 - Critical

When trying to use braces (akkolade) as well as brackets, things get buggy. The more than one brace causes the braces to be spaced increasingly farther left from the system. Some times the brace overlaps the bracket instead of resting immediately to its left.

This is a significant issue for larger-scale works that use braces and brackets to mark off instrument families, 1&2 Violin, etc.


Status (old) active closed

Horizontal location of braces can be customized manually. Double click on the brace and use Shift+Left or Shift+Right.

With regards to the second issue, it is best to limit each report to one issue. I created a new bug report for the second issue. See // . Thanks for the report.