Cannot create new "Set" for my score on

• Nov 27, 2017 - 01:00
S4 - Minor

Javascript error occurs when I'm trying to add a new "set" to my score

User has "pro" account; User is logged in; User does not have any "set" created yet; user has at least one score.

1. Open
2. click next to any of scores (for pop-up menu), select "add to/remove from set"
3. Modal form appears notifying user that he does not have any set yet. Button "Create new set" is available
4. User presses "Create new set"

System process with new set creation

Nothing happens (JS error in console: attached)

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Nothing in the documentation hinted that sets would be a pro feature, and I've tried with and without now. It's just broken and has been for some time. This appears to be related to a web browser change:

Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help
TypeError: a is undefined
[Learn More]

[Deprecation] Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check
send @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:4
ajax @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:4
n._evalUrl @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:4
ua @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:3
append @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:3
insert @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:30
t.Ajax.success @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:28
success @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:26
i @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:2
fireWith @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:2
z @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:4
(anonymous) @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:4
XMLHttpRequest.send (async)
send @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:4
ajax @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:4
t.Ajax.eventResponse @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:28
(anonymous) @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:27
dispatch @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:3
r.handle @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:3
VM184:21 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'removeClass' of undefined
at HTMLAnchorElement.eval (eval at globalEval (js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:2), :21:402)
at HTMLAnchorElement.dispatch (js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:3)
at HTMLAnchorElement.r.handle (js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:3)
(anonymous) @ VM184:21
dispatch @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:3
r.handle @ js_c5DQFXS-WTowcE6ZZxMoY5Kqt8uZ6gM92ZcAHFF3TtI.js:3

Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

Works here on Vivaldi (built on Chromium 62.0.3202.97).
While I do indeed get the deprecation warning in the console, it doesn't prevent showing the next step after clicking the "create new set" button.

Then it might be an independent issue. The fact remains that I can't get the new set function to work in any of the browsers I normally use. I now tried in Internet Explorer 11, and that's the only one it has worked in so far.

Edit: Apparently it started working today. Just tried in Chrome and Firefox again, and the Create New Set dialog now appears. Either the code was changed, or sets are a feature that only works after one has had Pro for over a day (yet are neither documented to require Pro nor marked as a feature when considering it).

Status (old) needs info fixed
Status needs info fixed

Thank you for your patience. We did indeed fix the code that prevent to create the first set. Any user pro or not can create sets on

Thank you for the fix!
Now works well, at least I can confirm in Chrome.
Shall I as ticket author move it to "Closed" state, or leave it as "Fixed"?

Status (old) fixed closed
Status fixed closed

You can leave it as fixed; if no-one responds to it over the next 2 weeks, it'll automatically close down.

Unless someone like me comes along ;)