deleted entire score

• Dec 28, 2017 - 00:10
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i pressed the save button on the app and then closed out of it it popped up with do you want to save changes and i clicked yes. i went back in to open my score and it wasn't there. i reloaded my computer and it still wasn't there. i am beyond upset, i had just spent 4 hours working on this piece for it to just disappear. my title was called "Kentucky-1800". if there is anyway of restoring this piece please do.

also i created a file awhile ago titled "fanfare for the comon man". yes i am a where common is spelled wrong but that is what i put the tittle as. i tried opening it and it says cannot read this file try again later. ive tried multiple times and it wont open. this score is uploaded below... if you cant fix ths one please try to fix the top one. the top one is my top priority.

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Fanfare is toast and can't be opened. The good news is there may be an old version on your computer for both of your files. See

By the way, use the forums or ask for help to request help rather than Report a Bug.

If you said "yes" when MuseScore asked to save changes, thenm relax, your score is on your computer. It just might not be in thr folder you thought you saved it to. If you need further assistance figuring out what folder you actually saved it to, feel free to ask in the Support forum as mentioned above. Give as much detail as you can - what operating system, what version of MuseScore, the exact name of the file, the exact name and location of the folder where you believe you saved it, etc.