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• Mar 17, 2018 - 23:11

help? please? don't understand a kind of error

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What kind of error did you get? Did you save the score online from the program or did you try to upload it from the website? Try the one you didn't already try.

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i tried to download another file from the ccomputer one and it was fine.
This error what is written:

No MusicXML file generate. We are investigating it.
MIDI file could not be generated.
Score images could not be generated.
Thumbnail could not be generated
This may due to
Complete empty measures
Notes without stems
Last measure has no barline
In any of these cases, please remove the measures containing the problem and re-enter the notes. Once done, try to upload your file again.
If you need help, don't hesitate to upload your file in the MuseScore forum and the community will help you out.
No metadata file generated

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If you use windows then you are probably familiar with the circle of death. When I tried to upload your file that is what I got for a very long time. When I got tired of waiting I switched to My Scores and I got a page error, then I reloaded and the file Upload failed. I suggest you report this directly to MuseScore.com at https://musescore.com/contact. BTW, I found no corruptions in your score that should have prevented it from uploading.

I've found the reason after several experiments with MusicXML import/export. The issue was in the incorrect font family of the name "Ранди" in the measure 182. The score seems working correctly after changing its font family to common "Free Serif". Please, check the uploading with the attached fixed score.

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