How to fix "cannot read file error" in the musescore application?

• Mar 19, 2018 - 22:48

When I try to open one of my scores, it won't. It was working fine just a couple hours earlier and I don't know what to do.


Hay, it happened to me too a lot of times and I have lost a lot of incredible scores! I know that there is a backup but it just doesn't work... It saves just half of the way I did. If someone knows why is this happening (the "can't read files" or why the backup is not completely good) it will help me a lot (!!!)

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You can upload a score here (see the "Choose a file" button right below where you type your comment) whether MuseScore can open it or not.

The backup as mentioned shows you the state it was in the last time you opened it. So if you open a score then work on it a long time without ever closing it and reopening it, you won't see any of your recent work in the backup. So you could get in the habit of cloing and reopening your score occasionally. But realistically, it shouldn't be necessary, the sort of error that would require a backup happens only once in about a million saves based on what we see here, chances are it won't happen to you again even if it did this time. We'll know more once you attach the file.

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