exporting single instruments as midi files

• Apr 19, 2018 - 09:17

Hello there

I need to export all 12 instruments in the piece I am working on as separate midi files.
I could delete 11 of them, export it and go again but the trouble is that most of the dynamics were created as system wide using the inspector so the dynamics would be lost.

is it possible to export single instruments as midi files with the system wide dynamics or somehow 'clone' the dynamics to every instrument ?

Thanks for your help, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel with this symphony


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If you put the dynamics in the full score they will be passed to the parts. If you only put the dynamic on one part, the you can select the same beat in all of the other instruments and add the dynamic to all of them at the same time. It's probably best to use ctrl+click to add a note to the selection where you want to add the dynamic. If all of the instruments have the same length note, you can click the top one and shift + click the bottom one to select all of them at once. It's possible to select notes of different lengths using shift+click but you will likely end up with dynamics where you don't want them.

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This is in part why I advised you recently not to try to use dynamics in this non-standard way. Much better to include them on every part as is the practically universal standard in music. Exported MIDI will be only one problem; same problem will occur when human musicians go to play from the parts. So, best not use this approach in the future.

Meanwhile, to fix this in the current score, you could try creating a couple of new scratch staves, copy/paste the staff with the dynamics to one of them, select that staff, use View / Selection Filter to exclude the dynamics, Delete to leave you with only the dynamics. Then, one by one, copy this staff to the 8other* scratch staff and then copy/paste each of the other staves in turn on top of it, then copy/paste back. Still work, but maybe better than needing to go back and add them individually.

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Marc you inspired a brilliantly easy way to do this. Copy the staff with dynamics. Select the first note/rest on another staff. Exchange with clipboard twice. This should leave the original notes and the dynamics from the other staff. And to think I complain that pasting doesn't erase the dynamics ;)

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You're right, that is brilliant! I figured there was probably an easier way. Looks like there is, as long as we don't "fix" the erasing of dynamic :-). Long term, probably would be good if we allowed dynamics to be copied as a group independently, much as we allow this for articulations, lyrics, and chord symbols. Behavior should probably be very similar to chord symbols, preserving the same beat position rather than the trying to match specific notes.

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Allowing dynamics (and hair pins) to be copied as a group like chords would be VERY nice. It gets boring adding the dynamics and adjusting them on large scores. I still want dynamics to be erased when being pasted on. I will have to try my latest trick in the score I'm working on.

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sorry if i am being a bit dense here but i can (with difficulty because if i press the shift key to select a range of notes i can no longer press the end key to get to the end of the score) select an entire staff.
I can easily select the first note of the next stave and swap with clipboard and that copies the first line onto the second (dynamics and all) but any further attempts to swap with clipboard don't do anything because it is only the first part that is in the clipboard.

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First, you need to select a note, or rest, by clicking on it (turns blue).

◦To advance the selection to the end of the line: Press Shift+End (Mac: Shift+Fn+→).
◦To extend the selection to the end of the score: Press Shift+Ctrl+End (Mac: Shift+Cmd+Fn+→).

Note: Mac uses different keys.

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You don't need to type them dozens of times without system dynamics. Just enter them at all once in the first place, by selecting the entire vertical slice of music before double-clicking the desired dynamic on the palette. Or, if you prefer, enter dynamics on the top staff before entering other staves, then copy paste to other staves but delete the notes (by excluding Dynamics from the selection using the filter as described elsewhere). Other good methods too that are both less work and more effective and more correct (eg, published scores do include dynamics on each and every instrument for the score as well as parts) than trying to force dynamics to be "system" elements.

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