debian apt-get install "old" musescore (2.0.3)

• Apr 20, 2018 - 09:11

I'm new to Linux and have just installed Debian in a VM (on top of Hyper-V Windows 10).
First program I want to add to the "base" debian is musescore.
apt-get install musescore
has installed MuseScore 2.0.3
=> is apt-get the best way to install musescore?
=> who/how can we upgrade the package in the debian repo?
=> any tip/hint related to that?


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Thanks for the info.
I understand that adding
deb stretch-backports main
to sources.list, followed by
apt-get update
is enough,
but to install directly from backports you need to make it explicit by
apt-get -t stretch-backports install "package"

This "explicit" seems strange to me: if, once sources.list is adapted, any
apt-get update
will update with backports, why do we have to activate a flag to do it in one step?


P.S. As you see new to Linux world... sorry if this question seems obvious

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Hi (bis).
apt-get and then apt & aptitude are "coll" tools : just do what you asked, no more...
If MS already installed on Stable (2.0.3), then you need to dist-upgrade after sources.list editing if you want to upgrade MS (2.2.1-bpo).
If not installed, you have to ask for install bpo-version (2.2.1) instead of the "default" Stable-version (2.0.3)...
By default, Stable use stable's repo. and wait for new stable's version... So you need to confirm if you want to use backported-versions... All non-bpo-softs are staying on Stable repo. (Stertch, now) ; that's wy you need to "explicit"...
I hope this is understandable... (poor Frenchie that I am... ;) ).

MuseScore 2.2.1 is available in backports, so you have to enable stretch-backports following the official Debian instructions from then run apt-get update then install with `apt-get install musescore/stretch-backports' to get the backported package.

The reason for this is that Debian stable uses packages from the time when it was “frozen”, a few months before its release, to stabilise; MuseScore 2.2.1 came out in April 2018, while Debian stretch came out last year (or was it 2016 already?), at which point only 2.0.3 was available.

I’ve also backported it to Debian “jessie” (oldstable) by now. Older versions are a bit harder support, and backports need time to be made, reviewed, accepted into Debian, etc. so you get your usual high-quality experience.

You can get the new MuseScore standard soundfont from… already, get the .deb file and install with dpkg -i. It will also be eventually backported, but has just entered Debian after passing ftpmaster-NEW a day ago.

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With my kiss0s-0.7 (Stretch main-only/Fluxbox) it needs 3 or 4 days before MS-2.2.1 could be installed by dist-upgrade, after it was released... Not a shame, for a stable/secure system.
I'd already have bpo version (2.1 instead of the 2.0.3 "stable repo").
Note that backport-repo is more simple/easy (for n00bs) than a conf' needing pinning...

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I really don’t understand your post… I see you’re not English, and I’m not English either… but I can’t make it out.

Normally, a (dist-)upgrade will not pull from backports, unless you enable pinning.

Anyway, 2.2.1 is now available in stretch-backports and jessie-backports-sloppy and can be installed the regular Debian way.

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