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• May 30, 2018 - 18:36
S5 - Suggestion

Hi, there.

This software is wonderful. Many thanks to all the developers who invest so much time in this great project.

Musescore is a fairly intuitive software and I have found very simple ways to solve many of my needs.

However, there are some features that would still be pretty cool if you could add them. It would make things a lot easier and the simplest users would be more inspired to discover these possibilities.

one of these ideas is for example:

It would be useful if the flat and sharp symbols could be replaced by the sign of your choice.

Also, that the compass editing menu allowed you to choose that the selected compass could have more or less lines (even none) and that it could be spaced differently. Or that one of the lines is intermittent, another one with bold, another one invisible, another one of different color, etc....

Thank you very much for your attention.

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Status (old) by design active
Status by design active

When you enter a feature request, you are requesting that the programmers change the design so make the feature request active. "By design" means that a bug reported will not be fixed because it was designed that way.

Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

I don't understand the request though,
It would be useful if the flat and sharp symbols could be replaced by the sign of your choice.
What sign? Do you mean Keysugnatire? Custom Keysignature?
the compass editing
That term doesn't refer to any musical term in English, Time signature?
Also the title needs mending too

I apologize if the message is not clear.

English is not my native language and I have used a translator for this message.

What I meant to say about the two ideas I mentioned is this possibility that I will attach to the image:

1) First idea:
The possibility of using different symbols from the traditional ones. But they must be recognized by musescore with the function that corresponds to them. For example, change a flat for something else and musescore understands that this symbol is the new flat (See attached image)

2) Second idea:
To be able to invent new types of staves. (See sample image)

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Various specialized accidentals - including the flat sign with slash - can already be added form the Accidentals palette. Many more can be added form the Symbols palette (press "Z" to display).

As mentioned elsewhere, MuseScore 3 will already have a built-in way to change staff properties from measure to measure. For current versions, you can achieve this effect through clever use of Hide empty staves and horizontal frames.