Playback issue with two D.S. sections

• Jun 13, 2018 - 15:06

See attached file. The first DS section plays back correctly. The second DS is marked "Play repeats," but the repeat section is being skipped. A bug?

Edited: Corrected and updated file (removed "To coda" sign).

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Did you upload the files you intended? Those appear to be very different, not just a difference in one having the "al coda" and the other not. They have totally different structures, with the DS and the coda both in different locations. Previously I thought you were saying that merely replacing the "DS" with the proper "DS al Coda" fixed it.

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No I didn't.

It's only a little investigation of the attached file from the OP (geetar) and I played around a little bit with it.

I try to clarify my thoughts:

In this score are two parts with repeat bar lines. If I insert D.S. in the second part of the repeat (begins with measure six) and activate "play repeats" there's a different behavior of playback as if I insert it in the first repeat part (measure one to five) . Shouldn't it work in the same way?

If I use a "d.s. al coda" in the second repeat part instead of "d.s.", the "play repeats" work as expected. It's more a workaround than a fix (in sense of: If I use "d.s. al coda" with "play repeats" it's clear for the road map of playback, but if I use instead of "d.s." with "play repeats" it isn't?) .

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That much does sound like a bug - same pair of symbols works in one place in the score but not in another. To be honest, I've never heard of "DS" without either an "al coda" or "al fine" and have trouble imagining what it would be used for or how a human would be expected to follow it - does the score ever end? So it still doesn't surprise me greatly that random things happen when using it. But probably the expected behavior is that you play up to the point where you encounter the DS again, and then, even though play repeats is enabled, you elect to stop?

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Concerning the application I expect the same behavior with an activated "play repeats", no matter if I insert a "d.s." or an "d.s. al coda", the option "play repeats" should always repeat the measures inside the repeat bar lines when I use a repeat symbol.

In practice (and I agree with you) I never used such a structure for arrangements/composing (it would be too confusing for the musicians in my opinion).

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The difference, though, is that with "al Coda" (or "al Fine", there is an automatic "out" to avoid an infinite loop - you never reach the "DS al Coda/Fine" again, so there is no question as to what to do when you reach it. Without the "al Coda/Fine", "play repeats" would literally mean the piece goes on forever, unless there was some sort of unwritten rule that says "play repeats except the DS itself". Don't get me wrong, it's a logical enough rule. I just suspect this case wasn't considered.

a workaround:
You can make it play correctly by putting a "Section-break" where the "D.S. mark"(s) is located.
//(Section Break Properties: Pause:0sec. & remove the check-marks in the check-boxes)

disadvantage: There is a forced system-break, that cannot be controlled.

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Bookmarked onto the list of things to review when I relook at unwinding a score again. I suspect that the Section workaround Ziya mentioned is a good clue into the internal why of it.

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