• Jun 18, 2018 - 18:23

How do I add sticking marks underneath my notes for writing snare drum parts. Is there a way?


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There are indeed some issues with installing extensions, not sure the status. But probably you have an older version of MDL installed too, and that's what I meant about custom workspaces. So assuming by most recent version you really do mean 3.6, not some older version that happens to be the most recent offered by some third party (this can happens for Linux, also the Windows Store), change to the Basic or Advanced workspace as I said. Unfortunately, MDL probably changed how you do that also, so I'm not sure where to look, but normally it's far right of the toolbar, or in the View / Workspaces menu.

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Ok, so it's just basically the visual aspect of what I'm seeing and commands/tools that I have access to. Right? It doesn't affect functions of different things, does it? For example, a tremolo is going to sound like a diddle whether I'm in the MDL or Advanced workspace, right? Same with grace notes. I'm still going to hear the same flam sound.

How can I add the sticking text choice to the text palette? I've been googling for the answer but haven't found it yet.

I'm new to MuseScore4 and cannot find an easy way to add sticking, using Command T and entering sticking then tab to next note. Used Finale for years and added sticking with Lyric .

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Thanks for the suggestion. I don't see the option in the menu, see screenshot (in French). I took this screenshot by selecting a drum note and searching in « Ajouter > Texte ».

The French manual says that Sticking is written as « Doigté de batterie ».

FYI « Doigté » is “Fingering”. And it is there…

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