Crash after entering several notes.

• Jul 5, 2018 - 05:17
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I have been working on a score that has several sections and now when I reopen to add to the score, the program crashes after entering just a few notes. It’s a consistent number every time. I can enter five notes but on the sixth, it crashses.


Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

Which operating system?
Can you attach the score you are having problems with?

I attached the file (my bad, I totally forgot to put it in the original) and I am using Windows 10. I restarted my computer, and when I opened musescore it opened with the "session quit unexpectedly." I tried both restore options (yes/no) and the same issue happens every time. The consistency isn't present; this time it crashed after three notes. The program just closes, no "not responding" state, it just freezes and closes immediately. I tried it with another score and there was no issue. Thanks!

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Trombone Stand Charts.mscz 70.25 KB
Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

I can't get it to crash, so where and how exactly are you entering notes, step by step?

This score is corrupt.
To observe this:

1) Go in page 6 main score: in the first system, the time signature is 4/4
2) Toggle in Trombone 1 part. Same location, ie on the first MM Rest (16): there is any time signature ?
And in measure properties (after pressing "M"), you notice the real measure duration is 2/4. So, problem....

To get a crash:
1) main score, p.6, first staff/trombone1
2) Enter four/fives quarter notes --> crash

To solve this, and repair your file: Delete parts -> Ok -> Re-create parts (now, the time signature 4/4 is ok is main score and parts)

See this repaired file: 1Trombone Stand Charts.mscz

Status (old) needs info active
Status needs info active

Well, for a corrupt score anything can happen, so we may just need to close this issue, but then again MuseScore does not report it as being corrupt, but should

@NickBeeny: do you recall (idea/clue?) why and when would have appeared the discrepancy between the 4/4 time signature in main score (page 6) and no time signature in parts (and 2/4 real duration)?

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