A MuseScore User cannot save an instrument group selection in the "Change Instrument..." dialog of the "Edit Staff/Part Properties" dialog

• Jul 22, 2018 - 15:50
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S5 - Suggestion

When selecting the "Change Instrument..." dialog from the "Edit Staff/Part Properties" dialog, "Common instruments" is always the default selection for the instrument group. The user will need to always make a manual selection of another group such as "All instruments" or "Ethnic instruments". Users will benefit by being able to have their most recent selection saved for subsequent "Change Instrument" dialog invocations.

Advanced users will especially benefit from being able to have "All instruments" as their default selection.

Although not a major issue, this enhancement would greatly streamline many workflows.



Thanks to everyone who commented here - this feature would seem to offer better ease of use to an already awesome program. Special thanks to TheOtherJThistle for adding the feature so quickly!

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@TheOtherJThistle - I'm new to the MuseScore community. What's the process by which features get merged into main releases? Assuming this feature is does get accepted, what's a reasonable timeframe for a release? Also thinking it might be interesting to setup a dev environment and pull your changes for a build (I'm on a Mac) - any thoughts/advice?

Thanks again!

One of the main collaborators can decide to merge any features in from a pull request. Development for musescore 2.x has finished, so additions will only be made to musescore 3. To give you a sense of when that will come out, you'd be lucky if an alpha build of it came out before the end of this year (basically it'll be a while).

If you want to build the current master branch of musescore 3, follow these instructions: https://musescore.org/en/handbook/developers-handbook/compilation/compi…

It won't have my changes in yet, but if they do get merged in then it will have them eventually.