Outro layout

• Aug 6, 2018 - 02:13
  1. I have a score with an outro at the end, represented by eight empty bars. When I hide empty bars, it correctly shows these bars as one block, like this.
    [- 8 -]

However, whereas other blocks of empty bars within the score span the full page width, this one spans only about a quarter of the page width. How can I get it to span the full page width?

  1. If I add "Repeat and fade" as stave text below the last bar, then that bar is shown separately, like this:
    [- 7 -] | - |
    Repeat and fade

How can I get it to remain as a single block, like this?
[- 8 -]
Repeat and fade


  1. Change Style -> General... -> Page -> Last system fill threshold: to a smaller value (try 10% to begin with).
  2. Add the staff text to the first empty bar.

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Thanks for your reply.
1. Fixed, thanks.
2. Adding the staff text to the first empty bar stops the last bar showing separately; however, now the staff text appears at the beginning of the block, like this:
[----- 8 -----]

... but I want it to appear at the end of the block, like this:
[----- 8 -----]
{space} Text

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Well, you could do a manual adjustment, or you could perhaps use a text frame instead of staff text. Normally I'd recommend avoiding a manual adjustment that large as it might not make sense if the layout of the score changes, but this specific situation is probably safe, since the whole point is to enforce this specific layout.

I have an outro with eight empty bars. Where do I need to place two pieces of stave text so that when I hide empty bars, one text appears at the start and one at the end, like this?
[------------- 8 -------------]
Text1 { space } Text 2

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