Mixer Solo Doesn't Work

• Aug 13, 2018 - 16:50
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S3 - Major

The mixer doesn't work when I select solo mode. It just plays all of the voices.


Status (old) active needs info
Status active needs info

The mixer can't solo voices, just instruments, or do yopu mean voices in the sense of singers?
And no crash or corruption, so certainly not critical

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It can solo the separate staffs, it doesn't matter what instrument you're using. In this case it is SATB. It has worked for me here and there on this piece but most often does not work. And there's no criteria listed for selecting the level of urgency so excuse me if you don't agree but I find this feature to be critical.

See https://musescore.org/en/handbook/developers-handbook/getting-started/h… for instructions on how to use the issue tracker. You can also reach it by the link "read the instructions" in the brown box at the top of the page you see if you create a new issue here: https://musescore.org/en/node/add/project_issue?pid=1236 So the instructions are there specifying the meaning and proper use of the different priority tags... Anyway, now you know for the future ;-)

Sorry, I don't get it, what exactly doesn't work? Sample score, steps to reproduce?
And it doesn't work on 3.0, i.e. a development build, but does in 2.x?

Severity S5 - Suggestion S3 - Major
Status needs info closed
Regression No
Workaround No

Closed due to lack of information and inability to reproduce. Please report, with the information of your working environment and precise steps to reproduce, in a new thread if this still troubles you in the latest version (3.4.2).