Flipping note direction horizontally breaks vertical note flipping

• Aug 22, 2018 - 01:39
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Flipping a note vertically moves the stem both vertically and horizontally. However, if you move a note's stem horizontally (using shift+X on Windows) and then move it back to its origin position, it behaves differently. From then on, any vertical flips will only flip it vertically, not horizontally.

Current Result:
Note tail moves only vertically

Expected Result:
Note tail moves vertically and horizontally

Running MuseScore 2.3 on Windows 10

Steps to reproduce:
Open the attached score
Select the first note, and press Shift+X twice
Select both and notes and Flip Direction (or 'X')
Notes flip differently

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I don't see a bug here. Shift+X toggles between "Mirror Head: Left" and "Mirror Head: Right". "Mirror Head: Auto" is the default, and it will generally always produce the best looking chords, but manual mirroring is available for when you need it. You cannot go back to "Mirror Head: Auto" by repeatedly pressing Shift+X. You must use the Inspector, or else Undo.

Status (old) active by design
Status active by design

Indeed. This is the same for other things that can be flipped by keyboard shortcut (eg, tie or slur direction). Once you've manually assigned a position, it remains manually assigned until you explicitly reset it. Manually putting it back where it was doesn't make it auto, nor should it in general.