Scalar Transposition

• Aug 24, 2018 - 02:01

Musescore currently only supports Diatonic and Chromatic transposition.

Is there any chance to implement general Scalar Transpositions ?

I guess it will require an interface for a user to enter the required altered scale as there are too many to cover by default from a dropdown.

Modern composition is not completely diatonic in quite a lot of cases.


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I've just finished a plugin that can be used to transpose between different scale structures. Mappings are specified on a note-by-note basis, rather than choosing from a list of predefined scales. It’s a less direct — but more versatile — approach to the task. At any rate I hope composers might find it useful. I plan to upload it (and a handful of related plugins) to the MuseScore repository soon, but I’ll post it here in case anyone would like to check it out.

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Update: I've now released a more complete version of the Note to Note plugin together with five other NoteMappers. For more information, or to download the bundle of six plugins, please visit the NoteMappers Project page here at

New features of the Note to Note plugin include:

  • Ability to save, share, and reuse maps via Import/Export feature
  • Sort button for map overview
  • Ability to map either concert or transposed pitches when a score includes transposing instruments

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