Unexpected result when using GP7 for files export

• Aug 27, 2018 - 05:27
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I updated program and now can't use it. I am not sure where it came from but all my scores is covered with fingerings - and all are wrong. I can't see the way how to remove fingering.

Also, I have trouble to set the tempo.

Please fix it

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Status active needs info

From where to what did you upgrade, what Os and can you attach a sample score?

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I attached a screenshot to my main post.

I had a pop up msg about update available so I followed and installed new version. And now my score is pretty messy. I don't even know how to switch off fingering - seems that I will spend an hour deleting one by one... I never added any fingering to this score. Something went wrong when I opened the file. In guitar pro it looks normal (no fingering). Weird.

PS I didn't realize that my main post goes to forum, I never wrote to support here. Thanks

I asked for a score, not a picture of it. And your post didn't get to the forum (maybe it better should) but to the issue tracker.
You didn't really answer any of my questions so far...

I will post in the evening, thank you.

I am now far away from my pc so can't check app version etc. I expect I have latest version now - that's why I thought it was a bug. Never happened to me before.

Many thanks

So to the latest, that would 2.3.2. Remains the question from where and on what perating system. But most importantly a sample score, preferably before having been saved with the new version and anything about the history of that score you can think of.
Fingerings showing out of the blue and after an upgrade is unheard of until now.

My best guess is that the fingerings were present but invisible, and something you did caused them to become visible. But again, we'd need the score and/or steps to reproduce the problem in order to say more.

For the record, if you'd like to delete the fingerings, there is no need to do so one by one. Just right-click one, Select / All Similar Elements, then Delete.

Regarding your request for assistance setting the tempo, it should be just a matter of adding tempo text, same as in any previous version. If you continue to have trouble, it is better to ask for help in the Support forum, and again, attach the score describe what you are having trouble with in more detail.

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Reported version 2.3

Thanks very much! Great tip!

Sorry to bother you - but I was really concerned that this great soft needs some TLC after update (it was MuseScore that directed my post to this section - I tried to contact support).

I now tried to reproduce the problem:

When I tried to open xml file created from a scratch in Guitar Pro app (it looks ok in GP) MuseScore actually mentioned error:
Fatal error: line 330 column 15 Element notations is not defined in this scope.

When MuseScores opens it I can see all the fingering that was not present originally (I included on the picture above). Perhaps it is guitar pro export feature bug then (I still can't figure out what the error is about). Sorry.

Such things like out of the blue fingerings never happened before though (and I did create in guitar pro and then add something in MuseScore).

My version:
OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64 (on Windows 10), MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.3.2, revision: 4592407

It seemed to me that I couldn't use it at the time - what I tried failed me. So in desperation I dropped a line to (I thought) support team to get some clarification. It didn't even opened the same way.

When I relaunched last night it seemed to work fine though. However, the file in question is still covered with something that Musescore identified as fingerings. .

If possible, i would like to understand why I can't use xml exported from GP 7.5.

Thank you for your help.

Title bugs after update Unexpected result when using GP7 for files export
Status (old) needs info closed
Status needs info closed

Well, a Musescore version update is not involved, but it's simply due to this: #247546: [Guitar Pro 7] Support of the new .gp format
This support is not yet accomplished, or, said in another way, it's a "work in progress".

It's what happens when you export this .gp file in XML format (I receive exactly the same result)
And the .gp file itself cannot be open.

So, prefer to export in the .GP5 format (not .GPX yet apparently, as far I can see, or rather with a bad result)

By exporting in XML format, the result, on this file in any case, is not optimal, but as far I can see, it seems harmless.
See: https://musescore.org/en/node/275664#comment-850473

So, first: the result with a GP5 export: THE SOUND OF SILENCE.gp5

I mark right now this issue as closed (or "by design", since the support of this .gp format is not finished, or in progress ?)

Or duplicate? Then again why is XML export from GP7 and import into MuseScore not working? Maybe that part is a bug in GP7?
Some work for GP7 import has been done in master, so maybe opening of in a development build, export Xml and opening that in 2.3.2 would work?

That would say that a 'work in progress' is considered as an issue. Maybe, but I don't really know.
I leave this appreciation to the developers.

When I wrote previously, do not export in XML format from GP7.5, in fact, looking closer, the result is not so bad, and almost correct, except this bunch of string numbers.
(I will edit a comment above in this sense)

First, ignore the initial message (and say "Yes" to open the file).

Then just right-click on a string number -> Select -> All similar elements -> Cut
(And you get a file similar to the GP5 file, in attachment above.)

This result: after slight edit of the loaded xml file: THE SOUND OF SILENCE.mscz

Thank you all for your comments.

I do need xml / mxl for 3rd app. I hope there will be possibility to export with no errors. I think Musescore was able to fix certain errors in the past - that's why I always did final edit in Musescore.

Anyway, I now reported issue to Guitar pro team.

Thanks very much

Do we know for sure those string numbers are not supposed to be there? That is, if you open the file in GP, those string numbers are not in fact present? If not, is there anything else that gives a hint as to where these numbers are coming from?

The new major GP version, ie GP7, supports tablatures for new instruments, piano eg, among others. Apparently, this leads to export problems.
I typed these notes in GP7 with the 1,2,3,4 keys.

By displaying the TAB staff, I get:
B tab.jpg

And after export in XML format, then import into MuseScore, we receive this (so the displaying of the corresponding string numbers):

This doesn't arrive by exporting in .gp5 format.

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Well, I have just created another score in guitar pro 7.5 and I again have no success while using it in Musescore too.

Neither gp5 nor gpx exported from this file opens properly in Musescore for me.

When I used it as an xml it was even worse.

It definitely is a kind of bug. I never had such problems before and I did similar operations in the past between Guitar pro and Musescore.

Does it make such a difference that I have it set up for harp in this file?

It would be wonderful to do something about it if possible.

thanks very much

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So, not sure exactly what you mean by "Neither gp5 nor gpx exported from this file opens properly in Musescore for me."

  • By exporting in .xml format ( River Flows in You in C.xml), you received exactly the result you observed initially concerning grand staff (eg piano or harp, here), with the displaying of string numbers.

Delete these string numbers (all similar elements), fix the measure 10, and you get here too a a satisfactory result: 2' River Flows in You in C.mscz

But better, certainly here, to prefer .gp5 format.

Well, here is what I get from gp5. For some reason I get two treble clefs. but I also tried xml and gpx and results were never successful.

I also tried to manually modify my main file and just limit myself to Musescore but Musescore fails me on grace notes (especially double-grace notes).

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