Chord Shapes without Staff or Tablature being visible?

• Aug 28, 2018 - 17:31

Hi Folks,
Is it possible to print chord shapes/windows without a Staff/Stave being visible? I have tried making the Staff invisible, but, the chord shapes disappear with it! I have tried using both the notation and tablature staff - individually - same result!

Another related question if I may? Is it possible to increase the size of the chord shapes/windows?

Many thanks for now hoping for a positive answer to both queries.

Thanks for now...


You can use right click the staff, choose Staff properties, and remove the check from show staff and any other items you need to hide on the staff. Anything left will have to be selected and made invisible by pressing v.

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Many thanks that sounds optimistic, however, I have just got Staff Properties open as I type and there is no "show staff" option? There are: show clef - show time signature and show barlines all ticked by default; but no show staff? In addition there is also "Never hide and Hide system barline" both unchecked!


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I'm sorry I was working from memory because I caused all of my versions of MuseScore to crash working on another problem. Check Invisible Staff lines to make the lines invisible and adjust the other checks in that section as appropriate for your needs.

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That shouldn't happen. Feel free to attach your score if you continue to have problems. My guess is you in your attempts to hide the staff, you at some point accidentally made the fretboard diagrams themselves invisible (they would still show on screen by default, greyed out).

The "Invisible staff lines" option in "Staff Properties" is indeed what you want (plus potentially turning off clefs, key signatures, etc - see also the "Advanced Style Properties" button.

To change the size of fretboard diagrams, use the "Scale" property in the Inspector. Although, if you are hiding staff lines, easier might be to just increase the overall staff size, in Layout / Page Settings.

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Thanks for that,
Tried what you say, but, as I have just replied to Mike320: "fretboard diagrams" disappear with the staff - or so it seems! Everything fine on screen but no diagrams when I print?

Just reading your second post - many thanks. Will try again from scratch later; need a break...


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Hi Guys,
Many thanks for all your support; good news: success at last got what I wanted/needed!
I think my problem may have been hardware! Worked on a different machine and printer and presto! Success!
Don't know why it wouldn't work on the other computer as I have no issues with it and have the same version MuseScore installed! Anyway all's well that ends well as that old adage goes.

Thank you one and all; keep up the good work.


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